Compassionate Assistance Fund for NESDA Members

Throughout the 65 years of NESDA’s history, NESDA members have historically leaned on each other and provided assistance to each other through difficult times whenever possible. In recognition of this fact, the NESDA Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution on Feb. 7, 2015 to provide for a fund of donations from members, “earmarked” to be used for compassionate assistance in the form of paying the dues of those members which, because of such personal hardships as illness, injury, and certain forces of nature, can no longer afford to maintain their NESDA membership. We invite each member to participate by contributing any dollar amount you can spare to help another member. Select the amount you wish to contribute, $25, $50, $75, or $100. You may also choose multiples of the amounts listed to reach the amount you would like to donate. If the amount you wish to contribute is not listed, please send your check or money order to:

NESDA Compassionate Assistance Fund
3000-A Landers St.
Fort Worth, TX 76107-5642