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Certified Service Manager (CSM) Study Guide
Certified Service Manager (CSM) Study Guide
The Certified Service Manager certification (CSM) was developed by NESDA to provide a means to verify the knowledge needed to manage a modern service business. CSM certification is also one requirement of the CSC (Certified Service Center) program.

Although the CSM exam is not easy, service center managers will already have much of the knowledge needed just from the daily experience of operating a service business, as well as just plain "common sense."

The CSM Study Guide covers the main elements of the exam to assist you in study topics.

The test is approximately 50% general information (laws, regulations, customer and employee relations, etc.), and 50% financial management. Service managers often have the most difficulty with the financial section, since there are a number of formulas to learn and utilize. All of the necessary formulas are included in the CSM Study Guide (see information below on how to purchase), as well as examples of how they are used.

Areas covered are business types, quality systems, bankruptcy laws, warranties and risk of liability, employee relations and pay systems, employment laws, subcontractors, interviewing job applicants, and financial management.

A training class is available each year at NPSC in July or August to help you get ready for the exam. If you are interested in taking the examination at the same time, this class is a must, as it will help you gain a good understanding of the material covered on the test. The exam is also offered through ISCET Certification Administrators all year long.
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Tutorial Guide
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Tutorial Guide
Customer Service Representative (CSR) A Look at Customer Service for Today's Economy by Del Whiteman M.Ed. CET/CSM/MST, CA, A+, A++, N+ & Ed Clingman

Tutorial guide for CSR Exam. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) certification was developed by NESDA to provide a means to verify the knowledge needed to provide the best possible customer service experience for an professional electronics service business. CSR certification is also a requirement of the CESC (Certified Electronics Service Center) program.

The Customer Service Representative Certification prepares an individual to work as a professional CSR and to take the CSR certification exam. The printed color tutorial guide covers different kinds of CSRs; customer value proposition (CVP), key performance indicators (KPI), goals, interpersonal skills, levels of communication, telephone dos and don'ts, the support environment, attire, voice, attitude, expression and mannerisms, what you say and how you say it, listening, observation, asking questions, feedback, escalation, conflict resolution, ethical behavior and conduct, legal responsibilities (warranties, contracts, liabilities, documentation), attendance, job performance, field service, customer or client problems, internal company problems.

Color, 68 pages.